Create up to 6 buttons and ersonalize the skills you want to track. You can create your personalized counter for any skills’ performance you wish to analyze. Visualize the results and performance’ history in dynamic charts so you can start training the skills with low efficiency rate.



Create your custom buttons for your Volleyball games:  
1) Count Serve
2) Kills
3) Errors
4) Blocks
5) Slice Backhand.

To count Server you can slide up.

With sliding counter mode which is based on directional movements, you can count your Server, Kills or blocks by simply sliding your finger through the screen. You can customize the skill you want to count in each direction.


To count Kills you can slide right.

For example if you want to count Server you can slide up, to count Kills you can slide dow and to count Blocks you can slide right.  

To count blocks you can slide dow

This mode helps you track your performance without losing focus on your game. To be able to send your average game information to our APP. Compare your performance with other players to improve your level of play.


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